Arabic for beginners
Arabic for beginners

Arabic language for beginners

часов обучения

The word النَّحْوُ in the Arabic means "path, intention". It is also possible that this subject got its name النَّحْوُ, because it opens a way to the understanding of the Arabic language. It is clear that the Arabic language itself, in turn is the key to the study of all islamic sciences, so the importance of النَّحْوُ is obvious.

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Nail HuseynTechnical Support
wa aleykuma salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh, amin acmain
John Cumpston
These resources are in Russian! While I speak Russian—not well—I’d prefer to learn Arabic from English. Is that possible on this site?
Assalam aleykom. I cannot speak Russian. Can you please provide in either English, Italian, French or German? Thank you.