Privacy policy

When creating a secure Internet site for its users, the Academy of the Quran (“We”, “Us”, “Our”) adheres to the following information privacy principles:

  • The Quran Academy attaches great importance to creating a safe and reliable tool for online learning.

  • Our Academy under any circumstances does not provide personal information of users to third parties. It is very serious about the protection of information provided by users;

  • We do not use the information provided by users for the purpose of advertising for our Academy and obtaining commercial profits. Our goal is to use the rich experience of our teachers, using the latest methods and tools to teach you the Holy Quran, the Arabic language and other important components of the Holy Scriptures. Confidentiality of information Privacy Policy is the information we receive from you through our website. In order to gain access to sections of interest to you, you need to provide information about yourself (that is, information that can be used to identify your identity). Personal information includes:

  • Username;

  • Date of Birth;

  • Gender;

  • E-mail address;

  • If you are a “Parent user” the username of the parent;

  • confirmation of parental or guardian rights (with a copy of the document attached);

  • If you are a “User Follower”, the name of the user and the data of the child entrusted to you for tutoring are indicated, permission to tutoring from parents (with a copy of the parent’s document and power of attorney attached);

  • If you are a “User Follower”, the name of the user and the data of the child entrusted to you for tutoring are indicated, permission to tutoring from parents (with a copy of the parent’s document and power of attorney attached);

  • If you are a teacher of an educational institution with which the Quran Academy entered into an agreement, indicate the name of the educational institution, the number of the agreement, the name of the teacher. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the personal information provided. Providing inaccurate information may affect access to the full use of the resources of our site. For example, if you entered an incorrect email address, which is the main means of communication between us and the user, in case of any difficulties in using our resource, we will not be able to provide you with access to training tools on our website.

Provision of information

By submitting personal information to our site, you agree that we may collect, use information about you in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and within the framework of the law. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not provide personal information. If you, after providing information about yourself, have decided to withdraw your consent, or if you decide not to provide the information we requested about you, we will not be able to provide you with access to all the resources on our site.

Privacy and Security of Personal Information

The privacy and security of your information is of utmost importance to us. We will use standard technical and administrative security methods to keep your personal information secure and will not share it with third parties, except as provided in this privacy policy, or if such disclosure is necessary in special cases, such as threats to your life or other people.

We are constantly improving security, in order to prevent unauthorized or illegal processing of user data and accidental, unauthorized or illegal access to user data. User data security is ensured by: using data encryption, using only authorized access to the system, restricting access to user data, automatically disconnect users from the system when the system is not used for more than 45 minutes. Since the Internet is not a 100% secure resource, we cannot guarantee security if a third party can find a way around our security system that can access your data via the Internet. Please note that the information you send via e-mail or other means of communication comes to us through our website in non-encrypted form. The security measures of the Quran Academy system do not relieve users of the obligation to take appropriate measures to ensure the security of user data i.e., avoid obvious user identification names, passwords, change the password regularly and don't disclose it to third parties, do not provide access to your user profile and personal data to third parties.

User rights

If you have any questions, comments or comments on how we process your personal data, you can contact us by clicking on ??? link on the site ???, which will direct you to a page setting out the Privacy Policy. Your request will be sent to the appropriate department of the Quran Academy.

You have the right to tell us if you:

  • would like to receive a copy of your personal data that is stored with us,
  • would like to correct, update or delete your personal data in our archive,
  • want to report the unauthorized use of your personal data.

In order to assist in the processing of your request, please provide your full name and coordinates.

Changes in our privacy policy

Please note that the Quran Academy, depending on certain circumstances, may change its policy or make an ammendment to it. We will notify you of any change or update in advance on our website. We encourage you to visit our resources more often to be aware of how we use your personal information

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