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Sura 2, Al-Baqarah (The Cow)
It is not
[the] righteousness
you turn
your faces
the east
and the west,
[and] but
the righteous[ness]
(is he) who
in Allah
and the Day
[the] Last,
and the Angels,
and the Book,
and the Prophets,
and gives
the wealth
spite of his love (for it)
(to) those
(of) the near relatives,
and the orphans,
and the needy,
and (of)
the wayfarer,
and those who ask,
and in
freeing the necks (slaves)
and (who) establish
the prayer,
and give
the zakah,
and those who fulfill
their covenant
they make it;
and those who are patient
[the] suffering
and [the] hardship,
and (the) time
(of) [the] stress.
(are) the ones who
are true
and those,
(are) the righteous.