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Sura 2, Al-Baqarah (The Cow)
And when
you said,
"O Musa!
Never (will)
we endure
(of) one (kind),
so pray
for us
(to) your Lord
to bring forth
for us
out of what
the earth,
its herbs,
[and] its cucumbers,
[and] its garlic,
[and] its lentils,
and its onions."
He said,
"Would you exchange
that which
(is) inferior
for that which
(is) better?
Go down
(to) a city,
so indeed
for you
(is) what
you have asked (for)."
And were struck
on them
the humiliation
and the misery
and they drew on themselves
That (was)
because they
used to
in (the) Signs
(of) Allah
and kill
the Prophets
without (any)
[the] right.
(was) because
they disobeyed
and they were

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