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Acquaintance with vowels: FATKHA

In order to learn to read in Arabic, it is not enough only to know the letters of the Arabic language. The letters in Arabic text appear with vocalizations. There are 3 vocalizations in the Arabic language. They represent short vowels. In these lessons you will get acquainted with one of these vocalizations- "Fatkha".

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Vowel"Fatkha": introduction

Introduction to vowels: fatkha

How to pronounce "fatkha". The most common mistakes.

You will lead how to pronounce vowel "fatkha", and also about some common mistakes.

Буквы с огласовкой фатха: практика и закрепление.

Повторите тему буквы с огласовкой фатха, а также выполните практическое задание этого раздела.

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