Opportunuties of the Academy of Quran

What you can already work with

Quran Academy Developers intend to implement a large number of different training mechanisms, each of which actually in its complexity is a single large project. At the moment, we are at a very early stage of development, but already now you have the opportunity to try a variety of different tools that we have already done.

Reading Quran

We strive to create one of the most convenient tools for reading the Noble Quran. Already today you can find in it a whole set of unique opportunities, which are almost nowhere else.

  • Interlinear translation of the words. You can see the translation of each word of Quran on language which you are comfortable. Already, we have almost the completed translation into Russian, also has been uploaded translation on English, and work is underway to translate the words of the Quran to Bashkir, Tajik, Azeri and Turkish languages.
  • Many tafsirs. You have the opportunity to discover one of the seven major tafsirs Quran in Arabic, as well as two of the most famous tafsir in Russian: Al-Muntahab and as-Saadi. Also, our volunteers are working on transfer to our website translation of Tafsir ibn Kathir.
  • Backlight Tajwid rules. You can use the tips to Tajweed rules that appear when you hover over one of the stained Quran letters.
  • Different navigation modes according to the Quran. You have the option to switch between display modes: you can read the Quran by ayat, sura, rub, hizb and juz. You can also enable continuous reading mode, which allows you to read the verses as a whole.

Courses on Arabic language and Tajweed

We are working on creating interactive training courses, that include video lectures, as well as tests with the question sets to check your knowledge. Also, after completing the course, it will be useful for you to pass the final master-test, during which you will have to check all your knowledge of the course.

Dictionary of the Quran

In this section we are working on the creation of mechanisms to studying the words of the Quran. You will be able to learn words of the Quran and their meanings.

At the moment we have following mechanism for learning words:

  • Flash cards . There is a card with a word of the Noble Quran displayed to you. You can turn it over and see its translation.


This section is to a certain extent similar to the Quran Dictionary, but here you will work with the tools, the main purpose of which is to give you an opportunity to memorize the ayahs of the Noble Quran by heart as soon as possible.

At the moment we have available for use the following learning mechanisms:

  • Complete the ayah . You are given a partially filled ayat with empty cells. You need to fill in the missing words correctly.
  • Listen and fill in the words. You are given an opportunity to listen an ayah. After that you are to fill in its words in the correct order.
  • place the words in accordance with the translation. You are ghiven a set of empty cells. Your task is to insert words of ayah into the required cells in accordance with the translation.

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