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About The Academy

As young people spend all their free time surfing the Net, online education is becoming ever more popular. Innovation in learning methods and growing value of time make online education more available and increase demand on it. Nowadays it is easy to download from the Internet good books on learning Arabic and the Quran; audio- and video lectures can be found, too. Yet, learning also includes an interaction between a teacher and a student, comprehension of what and how the student has or has not understood… The Quran Academy is a unique international project in the sphere of online education. Here you can learn Arabic and study the Quran using the most advanced technology for learning. Via communication and interaction with other participants in the project, connoisseurs of the Quran and the Arabic language as well as students and just interested people, you will be able to get complex knowledge of the Holy Quran. Moreover, you will be able to solidify your knowledge and better remember everything you have learned.

To teachers, parents, to those who spread knowledge and realize summon

For teachers, we have elaborated convenient and effective tutoring system which enables you to follow every student’s results and set the student on the right track. These instruments will save your precious time! What is more, in your disposition there is a huge library created by the Quran hafizes. Parents will find a lot of online lessons for children of different ages and training levels in the Academy. A great reward will come to those parents whose children have become righteous Muslims. It is necessary to give children training at their early age when they are most disposed to perceive new information. In the Quran Academy it is possible not only to study and teach but also to share one’s knowledge and as a result become a real expert.

About the team

The Quran Academy is a huge international project. Every kind of assistance is very important to us. We are an international team comprising members from all over the globe. Writing articles for the website, translation from and into various languages, the Academy promotion in the Internet, programming, page-proofing, design and other activities, in which you are a professional, are waiting for you. Helping this project you are going to receive unlimited sawab (reward), as millions of people of the world will get useful knowledge thanks to your assistance! What is more, cooperating with us you will get great works for your portfolio as well as valuable experience and new interesting acquaintances.

The recent statistics show that the Arabic language is now among five most widespread languages in the world, with more than 240 million speakers. And every day this number is increasing. At the same time, Arabic is melodious, beautiful, amazingly laconic, and comprehensible. What in Russian should be described with a whole sentence, in Arabic can be said in a couple of words. It is possible to learn Arabic for free in mosques, as almost every mosque organizes Arabic lessons for Muslims. If you are not a religious person, but eager to learn the language, you can learn Arabic online in the Quran Academy. The process of Arabic learning for beginners includes a study of the Arabic alphabet, letters and sounds pronunciation in accordance with the rules of tajweed. The intermediate level is about studying words and grammar, the advanced level comprises fluent reading and translation. After a few lessons of Arabic based on the Quran, you will be able to read Quran surahs and start to understand their meaning.


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